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Your December Horoscope Is Here—You Don’t Want to Miss It

Moving out of the deeper, mysterious energy that is Scorpio season, we get ourselves geared up into the adventurous, outwardly focused—and dare I say fun—energy that is Sagittarius. As the sun moves through Sagittarius, our focus moves into exploring our worlds and the things that inspire us and make us feel optimistic or more open-minded. Learning, exploring, adventuring, hoping, and visioning are all to buzzwords tied to this transit. Venus, planet of love and money, journeys her way through Sagittarius this month, perhaps giving an optimistic jolt of good vibes and optimism to this part of our lives. Jupiter (Sagittarius’s ruling planet) is back in Scorpio, which reminds us to utilize our intuition and good judgment in this part of our lives to see the best results.

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