The Sunglass Accessory You’ll See Everywhere Soon

Pretty much any trend from the past is ripe for a comeback these days. It may take years, but eventually, you'll find said item in your wardrobe rotation once again. The latest accessories trend to make its resurgence? The sunglass

This “Cliché” French Accessory Is the Season’s It Item

During fashion month, we noticed one major trend that pretty much everyone adopted on the street style scene. Berets—those “cliché” hats typically reserved for French tourist shops—were everywhere. We’ll trace it back to the runways of Gucci and Christian Dior, where the designers

Chic Fall Getaway is Officially It Girl–Approved

Summer vacations are so overrated—it's all about the fall getaway. (If you follow these six Instagram It girls, that is.) No offense to Paris and London, but we've noticed a lot of stylish women traveling to more unexpected destinations this

Coach Is Letting You Design the Bag of Your Dreams

What if we told you that you could have design control over your next bag purchase, meaning the color, strap, accessories, and hangtags were completely up to you. The result? A one-of-kind style that no one else will have. Do we have your attention

British Girls Are Freaking Out Over These Zara Shoes

Newsflash: British girls love Zara just as much as us American girls do, and just like on this side of the pond, certain pieces really catch on from time to time. The latest example of that is a pair of combat boots

Burberry’s New Capsule Collection Is So Dreamy—Shop Our Picks

One of the most memorable shows of London Fashion Week was undoubtedly Burberry. Its presentation was full of nostalgia, not only for the epic front row supermodel reunion that took place but also because of the brand's bold refresh of its iconic check (which, by the

This Is How Blake Lively Does Athleisure


Getting dressed in the morning is a challenge all on its own, but for a celebrity on the job, one look just isn't enough. Yesterday, Blake Lively managed to squeeze in an incredible seven outfit changes while promoting her

The Athleisure Collab You and Your Best Friend Need

It's not every day that lifelong friends get the opportunity to collaborate in their work lives. But in a fresh new athleisure collaboration, childhood BFFs Jenn Bandier and Nikki Kule have turned more than 30 years of friendship into a cool off-duty

Elizabeth Olsen Says These Are the Most Comfortable Heels She Owns

With an endless stream of red carpets, press tours, and events on their calendars at all times, celebrities are bonafide experts when it comes to wearing heels regularly. So, when a stylish celeb reveals which pair she can wear all day long,

Yes, I’m Judging Your Tote Bag

I've recently come to an important conclusion: I'm a tote hoarder. Look into my closet, under my desk, and even under the kitchen sink, and you'll find them. Living in New York, I find this simple bag to be indispensable. It's